31 Hottest and exciting S*x. positions you probably never tried and need to ( With Photos)

31 Hottest and exciting S*x. positions you probably never tried and need to ( With Photos)

Exciting S*x. positions: When it comes to S*x. positions, we are all aware of the basic ones such as Doggy style, missionary, woman on top etc. But there are more advanced S*x. positions that are intriguing and gives more S*x.ual satisfaction but many have not tried it before or probably never seen it before.

These positions will wow your S*x.ual experience if you try them, but you need to note that, you need strength to execute some of them and so if in any way you’re not comfortable with it, we advice you, stop it. Come with me as I present to you in pictures these advance S*x. positions for a better S*x. life.

1. APHRODITE’S DELIGHTbest sex position


This position might appear simple, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. It’s the best position for women who love to have their clits massaged and also get the G-spot hit and those who love deep penetration. In this position, the woman is more in control and can direct the ding dong in the right areas. She can also be able to touch her herself to achieve more orgasm




Many women get performance jitters over the thought of giving a helping hand during S*x., when in fact the sight of her adding fuel to their bonfire is a sure-fire way to burn him up with lust. 2. BACK SHOW In this position you will need some tools to assist you and both partners will love it. The woman gets the chance to rock you and the man enjoys in a similar way. Most men love having a good view of the woman’s ass, which stimulates them. This position is best for such thoughts because you get the chance to have a nice view while you’re at it.
The angle of penetration also makes the woman enjoy it the more because it will be rubbing against her clitoris throughout the act and of course her G-spot can’t be left out. Any position that gives him unlimited access to her wiggling backside will motivate him to race that extra mile she needs to cross her finish line.

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